How does the UK have so many muslims from the middle east?

How does the UK Have so many muslims from the Middle East and Pakistan and Bangladesh... When I read their immigration policies and it is unwelcoming. Muslims in the Middle East and Pakistan and Bangladesh, don't speak English, and even if they could, there are a few things that go into communication... *Verbalization (Talk) *Understanding the spoken language *Comprehending the subject matter *Understanding the significance of the subject matter *Cultural aptitude for the subject matter *Facial Expression and Body language They can't pass a test and they can't communicate with you, they can only feed off of your emotions. Its called "LEP", Limited English Proficiency. They also do not have enough money to live in Britain for 5 years without working. So how exactly do they have so many of them there in the UK ?

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I went to London my first time over 10 years ago and I was ill from the flight and went on a busy street outside my hotel to look for a pharmacy and I wasn't sure if this was really supposed to be London or I was in Beirut. It was quite odd.


The politicians in the UK, in an effort to show how liberal, multicultural, and compassionate they are, have thrown out the welcome mat to muslims. Now there are no-go zones where delivery people will no longer venture into, acid attacks, and last I heard there were 11 city Mayors that are muslims. It is a national suicide in the making.

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I didn't know UK had a problem with to many Muslims? Can you give me the percentage per thousand of people?



Anonymous: This is absolutely untrue

This is absolutely untrue: "...Muslims in the Middle East and Pakistan and Bangladesh, don't speak English ..." I don't know how often you've traveled in the Middle East, but I travel on business, and they DO speak English. Once again, your research?


What is your definition of "so many" and "too many?" Unless you're Native American, someone in your family was either brought to the US or immigrated to the US.


Fear of being called "racist".


Because we have politicians that have stabbed us in the back