How to move from Brazil to a developed country?

I'm a lower middle class person from Rio, I learned English by myself watching movies, videos on YouTube, and reading Wikipedia pages in English. I've always hated everything about Brazil. I don't like carnival, I don't like going to church(here in brazil, 90 percent of the people are religious, even young people are very religious.) I'm also not much of a soccer fan, although I have no problems with people who like it, I'm aware that in the England people like soccer, but here in Brazil it's something irrational, it's like the most important thing in a Brazilian's life, along with god(which I don't believe in, I'm an atheist.) I have no problems with religious people either, but here in Brazil people are way too religious, it is insane! Don't even get me started on our high murder rate, we had 63.000 murders last year, that is crazy! Also, we just elected a fascist for president, so yeah, **** Brazil! I want to move, but I don't know where to start from.


Simply speaking English isn't enough. You need a work visa for another country first. Generally, this requires skills, education and experience they don't have enough of - think STEM at masters degree level

Rona Lachat

A billion on the planet want to move somewhere else. What makes you special over all the others that some country WANTS or NEEDS you. Speaking a language or two or three means what? Can you work in that language? Do you have a University degree in something this other place NEEDS? Some special work experience NEEDED at desired destination? Did you expect moving to some other place to be FREE? Did you expect a job to be handed to you as you step off the plane? You apply for a visa if you qualify. You try. You never move if you do not try. Suggest you at least visit your intended place for a week or two on vacation to see if it is really the place for you. If you cannot afford the vacation you probably cannot afford to move there. Suggest you investigate some of the places your fellow Brazilians have moved too.


I'm Brazilian and you just said lies. Most people aren't religious, they're just religious by status but most don't go to church and most young people are definitely not very religious. Soccer is more a man's things and it's not the most important thing in our lives.


1) get on a plane. 2) get off the plane in another country.


try Portugal.