When Camilla is crowned Queen alongside King Charles, will her children by her husband Andrew be allowed at the coronation?



Of course. They will certainly be invited guests. There would be no more reason to exclude them from the coronation and seeing their mother crowned queen consort (assuming that happens) than there was to exclude them from their mother's wedding to Charles and from Prince William's wedding to his wife. (In fact, one of Camilla's granddaughters, her daughter's little girl, was a bridal attendant in that wedding.) They were also invited to Prince Harry's wedding. Moreover, Tom Parker Bowles is Prince Charles's godson. Not well-informed, are you? Of course you're not. You, sadly, will not be invited. I know you're devastated, dear, given your obsession with Camilla, but you're just too downmarket for Westminster Abbey.




To watch yes, not to take part.

Clo G.-B.

Her children will be invited to attend the ceremony and it is more than likely that Andrew Parker Bowles be invited as well since he has a long history of serving the royals- he was Silver Stick in Waiting,( a bodyguard position in the British Royal Household, personal attendants to the Sovereign on ceremonial occasion). to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. His family were also close friends with Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Andrew, himself, a friend of Prince Charles'.


If they want to be there, of course.

Emma Coygne

Tom is too busy making reality cooking shows in OZ


Why wouldn't they be?


She will not be crowned Queen. There is either a king of a queen. The traditional title for the wife of the King is “Queen consort.” This title reflects that the woman who holds it was not born into the monarchy but rather married into it. Of course her children will be there when Charles is crowned king.


She will not be Queen but Consort and her children are not of royal blood so they will not have titles.


Blood! Blood! Blood would flow from her head!


She only has one husband, andrew is her ex husband and will not be at the coronation, her children may come to watch, that will be up to them and charles, i expect he will let them, it is not known yet if she will even be crowned, the decision is yet to be made.

Sir Prince Kenny

Yes, birds of a feather do more than just flock together.


Yes, they will be made Prince and Princess of the Realm.