Blonde Hair and tall height - Views through the world?

Another family member, who is even taller than I, stopped in Africa and people were shocked because of his height. Now, here's the main questions - if I were to travel somewhere (tall, blonde hair, green eyes) would I receive attention? Yes, I know this depends on where; I didn't get much attention when I went to England or Ireland (aside from being American) but where would I receive attention for these traits? Would the view be positive or negative? And depending on where I'm going, would I have to worry about standing out because of how I look? Which areas would this be a bad thing in? And are there areas where it would be a good thing for me? In what countries are blonde hair, green eyes and being 6+ feet ( about 1.9 meters) very unusual, that I would stand out immediately? And are there problems with having blonde hair? I've heard that in some countries there is a (negative) prejudice against red. Is there a problem with blonde anywhere?


I wish people wouldn't say 'shocked' when they only mean 'surprised'.