Packing a month if i go?

So every year I go back to New Jersey down the Shore from Arizona in August to get way from the heat and this year I dont want to over pack this Summer if I get chance to go this time there i said if i go because there some fighting between my uncle and my grandpa over this past Summer they do every year for stuipd things so we might go but I am not sure till May because of fight and my grandma get discount at certain time of the date so anyways i pretty much walk up the Beach for the day at Jersey shore or Jump in Lagoon/ Lounge round the house during weekday sometime a long boat ride if get it to humit and muggy out and on weekends my Aunt and I go Shopping get food for Dinner so I can wlays get more Clothes so yeah should I pack for two weeks? we bring 2 check luggage because one for clothes and other one bring back stuff like delicious Food like few snacks and clothes from New Jersey that we dont have in Arizona anyways what your thoughts?...YOU MAIGHT HAVE SEEN THIS ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT I HAD MADE A NEW ONE BECAUSE IDK WHAT HAPPEND SO IF YOU HAVE COMMENT BEFORE PLEASE DONT COMMENT AGAIN I WANT TO SEE OTHER WILL SAY


Stop bothering people.


How many times are you going to ask this question? You get the same answers every time you ask. Have you ever heard of a washer and dryer? Pack enough for one week. That's all you need. You can wash your clothes every week.


You asked this a year ago and poof! Here you are again so soon. GO AWAY.


Clearly, you are NOT getting new answers. Because, once again, there just aren't any answers that are going to be different than what you got before. There are only so many ways to pack for a month away. You've heard them all. So figure out what you want to do and do it. And yes, I read your question. You don't have to ask me.


Our answers to the same question are always going to be the same.


Our answers to the same question are always going to be the same.


Pack for two weeks and use the laundry mid trip.