Has anyone traveled alone to another country?

how was your experience? did you like it or not? how long did you travel? @anon: to which part of the USA?


Yes, it was always a great experience for a week or two


Why do people keep asking this? Millions of people have travelled abroad by themselves. I've done it myself many times, though I'm married and have family and friends. There is absolutely no reason why an adult shouldn't travel alone either in their own country or to a foreign country.


I've travelled to many countries as a lone traveller, notably USA-Houston, Washington DC, Florida, California & Hawaii, plus the Philippines, New Zealand and South Africa. Most were for a week to 10 days, some only 2-3 days. I enjoyed most although SA was very different culture, I enjoyed meeting new people or just my own company.


To the USA. It wasn't anything of note, as in it was just normal, until I met a racist veteran. I stayed for 3 days, but that racism salted the experience. It wasn't even 'perceived'. As soon as I told him I'm Latino, he frowned and switched conversational partners.