Hi! i just wanna ask if i can bring my 500 pieces myra e vitamins in my check in luggage at NAIA airport? thanks!?



wanna = want to Where is NAIA airport? What is (are) Myra E vitamins? I used to know 2 people named Myra. Do you think they're related?


You should bring your vitamins inside your carry on luggage not in your checked in luggage. There's a high chance TSA would ask you to open your luggage just to see what are those capsules/tablets are and eventually tell you to put them in your carry on. Not sure tho if you can bring 500 capsules coz as far as I know, you cannot bring more than 3 months supply of medicines which are approx 90 pcs. You may check your airline website about that or just bring them and get them confiscate the excess if ever.