The thought of dwelling in just one place, being bound to any one job is depressing to me, anyone else feel like this?

I think i am a true free spirit, a nomad at heart and instead of looking for where i belong, I'm always seeking What else? Where else? Always seeking a new place, a new face anywhere I've never seen or been. When I drive through suburban or urban neighborhoods. I imagine these are your everyday people, working good jobs "9-5", married, one to four family residence . I see their hard work. The middl, the lower and upper middle class, 2 car garage home, green lawns, Chevy out front dog barking in the backyard.. the American dream. I imagine they are happy. Yet just imagining that life makes me miserable because it feels so final, so permanent so many commitments. God didn't give me a family and I think it's because my true desire in life is to just be free as the wind. Here one day, there the next day, everyday discovering a new. I really dont want to belong to any state or city but be a guest to them all (of course that part is just wishful thinking) but realistically not be a slave to rent, mortgage, electric Bill, Huge car notes, the monotony. I desire to exist as simple and minimal as possible with just the necessities I need to survive, thrive, and be free as the wind. How weird is this?


Cool, like a drifter.


It's not weird. I have moved a lot in my life. I joined the Army after high school graduation. I wanted to live an adventure. I have lived in 8 different states. Fortunately I am on VA disability now and I don't have to be tied to a job. I lived the 'normal' life with husband, kids, house. I currently am living a 'normal' life but planning to move into a van next year and find someone to slack pack and hike the Great Plains Trail with me. I have never wanted to settle in one place. I am 54.


It's not weird at all. It's great. I know someone who through his 20s worked enough to do what you're describing. Saved enough to move to another country, where he figured out how to get some minimum wage work to extend his stay, then got work and boarding at a national park, and now traveling around the states. He feels he's ready for something else, and plans to finish college, get a decent job, and see what that's like. If he doesn't like it, he'll move on. Follow your dreams. You can always change your mind and choose a more conventional route later on.


I can relate to your desire for minimalism and order. I didn't realize until I had kids and the accumulated clutter of family life how distracting all that can be. But when you do have a family there's a comfort in having a stable living situation that doesn't involve moving around a lot. Perhaps I only feel this way because I traveled a lot before getting married and having kids. I don't pine for nonstop motion because I've kind of already been there/done that.


Yes, your clan is living in squalor in a tent city by Home Depot until the city moves them out again. I also have lived in 5 states (15 cities, 50 houses, I counted them up one time.) Yes, it's a fine sentiment. Without a way to feed yourself you are just another bum.