A trip to to UK? England is a lawless S-hole, so I have been told?

I'm planning a month long European vacation. I work with British nationals who tell me to go to Scotland and Ireland but avoid England - particularly London because it has become a lawless cesspool. It is either overrun with thugs, or cutthroat immigrants from the Middle East. The rest of the country, such as Cornwall and Yorkshire, has become far to expensive due to people fleeing the cities. Should I just skip the UK and go directly to Germany or France? I have young kids. I don't want the vacation to be unpleasant - a trauma instead of fun and enlightening. Forget it. Trip cancelled.




I do hope you are not one of the Americans who have managed to make it onto the Home Secretary's 'banned' list. Unfortunately for those who have done so, the cost of their return flight to the US is unlikely to be covered by their travel insurance policy. The whole exercise of crossing the Atlantic in order to be sat in a holding room at Heathrow prior to being briefly interviewed and put back on a plane, can be a bit of a bore.


Stay at home, we've got enough racist cretins here already without importing more from the colonies.


We'll be delighted not to see you here. Keep your offensive and ignorant trolling well away from us.


Once a troll always a troll.


Obviously you have no idea about the country whatsoever.


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Total rubbish. Like all large cities London have some rough areas which are well away from the tourist areas. Nobody is fleeing from the cities in fact a lot of people want to live and work in London.


London is probably the most influential city on the planet alongside New York City...so it would be a shame to miss out.


Worried about immigrants and then going to France and Germany. You should be a comedian not a troll


This has to be a troll question. Yorkshire and Cornwall are far cheaper than London, if, boohoohoo, you're scared of big bad nasty people in London.Bit of a wuss, are you? I'm a female and I'm not scared of going to London or anywhere else.


I wouldn't bother coming unless you can speak Polish...


London is nowhere near so bad as people tell you. Yes, we do have crime here and some of it violent, but then that's not new. For the most part London is peaceful. Think of it like this. When we read in the newspapers that some 200 or so people got stabbed last year here in London, the pop of London is over 8,000,000 thus your chances of being stabbed are far less likely than being run over by a bus. This link will explain the real crime stats here in London https://www.met.police.uk/sd/stats-and-data/met/year-end-crime-statistics/ But you'd be foolish not to visit. How about a day at the Tower of London? https://tickets.london/gt/tour/tower-of-london-tickets-with-beefeater-tour/58

John P

Do you mean that it might be worse than where you live now?


I think you know perfectly well that this is nonsense and are using a fake question to try to plant propaganda.


A troll, having been trolled by trolls.


I am British but not English..What are told is a load of childish cr@p...You have been talking to racists maybe?


That's a very negative picture that's been painted for you, and if you are scared, I'd avoid London. It's no cesspool but it is suffering a massive amount of knife crime at present. This usually takes place in the suburbs, so not sure what kind of travelling you aim to do. Most visitors are in the city itself, a cosmopolitan and vibrant place to be. Cornwall and Yorkshire are both joyous in entirely different ways. If you want to avoid London, York is magnificent and I spent a vacation there recently that was not expensive in the slightest. Germany and France are both pretty much on a level with UK in terms of safety and security but both are amazing countries too. To be honest you sound more like a disgruntled Englander 'having a go' than someone seriously considering visiting here. I never ever before heard anyone comparing London to Cornwall for a holiday destination!


Hilarious. Your ignorance is impressive. Please do steer clear of the UK; your attitude is likely to make sure you're not welcome.


dont bother going england


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Major cites in France and Germany are the same as London now. See for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF26wc8_ulQ


The main Cities in England, France and Germany have all suffered from the disproportionate rise of none nationals, London, Frankfurt and Paris all have areas that you should not go to. At least in the UK we know this and the locals are friendly. The Germans are in denial and the French are so over run they are in real difficulty.