Is rural northern England friendlier than rural southern England?

i was in Suffolk recently and i noticed how similar the landscape and general demographics where to east Yorkshire, in other words a large proportion of the population in both areas is over 60 and i noticed that people in yorkshire are more likely to talk to you for longer while those in suffolk or kent will exchange a few words then carry on their way.


Can't say they are, but generalising, people in more remote areas are more likely to be friendlier/engage in conversation.


Aye pet that be true.


Rural communities are friendlier than urban communities. You would find someone in rural Dorset just as likely to chat to you as someone from Rural Yorkshire.

Jimmy C

Northerners are generally more friendly than southerners. At least I think so, but it is hard sometimes to know what northerners are actually saying.


Yes, it is. people in northern rural England are much less snobbish than their southern counterparts.


It depends really, but it could be that people in the north rural areas are more friendlier in general compared to the people in the Southern rural areas. Some of the wealthy southerner can be a little snobbish, but that's just a minority. To exactly pinpoint who is friendlier, is a difficult thing to do. I have met people in both Northern and Southern rural areas and they have all been quite friendly.


That more true of urban areas, where in the south conversations with strangers are often short.

David S

Predominantly Yorkshire people are more friendly than in the south, but of course there are always exceptions