Are there any grocery chain stores in London that DON'T sell alcohol and cigarettes?

My boyfriend is living in London and is struggling financially but also struggling with addiction. I'd like to get him a gift card for groceries, but don't want him to spend it on cigarettes and alcohol.


Most gift cards say not to be used for cigarettes. Order him food from Tesco or Asda and have it delivered.


No. But Amazon sells groceries - you could try that. And they all do deliveries - see if you can order him some groceries from one of their web sites and have those delivered. Then you KNOW what he's getting!


Once you give him the card he can use it on anything unless the card has an exclusion that means it cannot be used for the purchase of cigarettes or alcohol.




All and any supermarkets you can order online and the goods will be delivered to the address, so you can order the goods, pay for them and they will be delivered, but it just means he will have spare money that he is not spending on groceries he can then spend on alcohol and cigarettes.. his choice to make not yours


Maybe a Chinese supermarket chain.


Nope. Better give him the groceries in person. Maybe Muslim supermarkets, they don't sell alcohol, as for cigarettes, I'm not sure. Or buy yourself the groceries online and send it to his address. I think that's the best alternative.