Are tourists permitted to see the tombs in Westminster Abbey?

I'm planning on going on a grad vacation over the summer in London and I'm dying to see the tombs in Westminster Abbey, specifically Elizabeth of York and Henry VII's. To my knowledge, not all of the tombs are accessible to tourists but I was wondering if Elizabeth of York and Henry VII's tomb was accessible for viewing.

Rona Lachat

He and his wife lie in a vault beneath his magnificent tomb in the Lady Chapel (the first monarchs to be buried in the Abbey in a vault under the floor rather than in a tomb chest above ground). You can see the slab that covers it. The area is surrounded by a fence. you can look through the bars. TOO MANY tourists do not understand KEEP your hands off stuff.


Not all of them. London black cab driver....I know.


I believe that they are, check on their website to be sure.


Why not look at its website.


I think it's possible