A yorkshire farmer said "ay, the mood in't fields so deep I were freetned my boots ud do a George Mitchell". What does that mean?



It means 'Yes, the mud in the fields was so deep I was frightened that my boots might do a George Mitchell'. Clearly the farmer was worried that his boots might be get pulled off by the mud, or in other words let him down when he had trusted them. The reference to George Mitchell may have been to Private George Mitchell VC, of the London Scottish Regiment, who was famouly similarly betrayed. In 1944, Pt Michell had led a series of successful charges during the Battle of Monte Damiano, having taken command of his section after all the officers and NCO's were killed in combat. After the action, a German soldier who had surrendered had treacherously seized a rifle and shot Pt Mitchell dead.

L. E. Gant

"The mud in the fields is so deep, I was afraid, my boots would ...."


Thought it said "George Michael".


Yes, the mud in the fields is so deep I was frightened my boots would do a George Mitchell. The mud in Yorkshire is so sticky it pulls the boots off.