Daughter moving to alton street crewe, now told it is a trouble area, anyone know if this is true and which end of the street to avoid?



I have a suggestion other than taking opinion from random strangers on YA, who are not always genuine or knowledgeable. All police forces now have informative websites and Crewe's will be no different. It will give reliable information on crime rates in the area you mention, and if you combine that with a visit to the area (if possible), you'll see for yourself how it looks and feels and what its current crime rate is. You could also try a street view of the local area on Google if you are unable to visit personally. That will give an indication on things like litter and population. If you have an actual address you may even be able to view the exterior of the house your daughter is moving into.

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That's a long street. Which area is she moving to? The street view looks perfectly fine- nice cars parked in front of the house on one end- driveways, trimmed hedges and lawns on the Queen's Park end.