How fun would it be for a bunch of British people to write a short story about being an American?

And then Americans to write a story about a day in Liverpool? And then have the writers who don’t know firsthand what they are improvising up vs actual To swap papers and read the one written by the one who is not them? Or maybe this exercise is dull. How about an old 85-year old British retiree living in Southwest UK write a blog impersonating a rebellious spoiled 17-year old girl living in an upscale Los Angeles suburb, Then recruit a California adolescent to write about Devonshire


Devonshire isn't even a place.

John P

A Briton of the older type would write "How much fun would it be....?". Note the addition of "much". And in my estimation that exercise would not be "fun", but might be intriguing or similar. In general, rather a boring way to spend a day, giving rise to many stereotypes.


Very fun. I've done that. I'm a Brit who lives in America.