How will the weather be in the UK , probably, next 15 May-8 June?

I am planning a tour from Ireland thru Scotland-England , ending at Isle of Man for the TT races in '19. I am planning on renting a Royal Enfield, so weather will be doubly important! Ahmed; did not Infer Ireland (Republic, Eire) Was in UK,. Blocked. Only Eire is NOT part of UK. Get a Clue:

Jackie M

I live in Scotland and usually at that time it is very changeable, we can have it very hot one day with pouring rain the next week but in general it is not very warm at that time of the year, England is usually drier and warmer than Scotland and Ireland


Warm with a chance of rain




Pleasant i guess.


Wind, rain, snow, sunshine, gales, heatwave. Often all in the same day. BTW. You should probably figure out that the Isle of Man and Ireland aren't in the UK before you go, unless you want to take your teeth home in a plastic bag.


Anything between 55 and constant rain and 75 and sunny. Prob a mixture of both. London area is always much, much better than the rest of the B Isles.