In the UK especially London, is there this Jamaican West Indies reggae/marijuana vibe with a sort of ghetto feel?

Some of them have like big burrito bean and what looks like hash brownies, A Bob Marley feel, and hemp products And store names like “the Dutch Pot shop” and marijuana leaves on the walls painted Is this a part London vibe?




Your question is not very clear. I've never yet met a Jewish Jamaican in London, and I don't see what Mexican or American food has to do with this. London certainly has shops selling hemp-based clothing, etc, and some might well offer Bob Marley t-shirts. Somewhere called a "Dutch Pot shop" which was not obviously focused upon selling pottery would be asking for a police raid.


Yeah, some areas of London have that vibe...without the Mexican hats lol Amsterdam is more known for its pot cafe culture however.


Some are doctors, lawyers , teachers ffs...

Jackie M

No an marijuana is illegal in UK