Where to travel from London?

Hi! I will be studying abroad in England for two weeks in the summer then I have 6 days free to travel. I will start traveling from London and have to end back in London to fly home out of heathrow (this can’t be changed as it is through the school). Since its only 6 days I want to make the most of it but have no idea what I should prioritize! I’m thinking maybe a little loop from the Netherlands to Belgium to Luxembourg to Paris then back to London but thats a lot to pack in and I don’t know what is really worth seeing. Its my first time in Europe so I want to make the most of it but also want to absorb the culture so I’m wondering if its even worth trying to go to Belgium and Luxembourg or if the Netherlands and Paris is plenty. I would love advice from seasoned travelers. Thank you!


Get out of London and see the real UK


Given that you'll only have 5 full days (once you've factored in travel), I'd honestly suggest you just pick one location and see it properly. You could fit in both Paris and Amsterdam - but you'd get very little time in either.

David S

Why don't you take the opportunity to explore the U.K. which is a beautiful, historic and very varied country away from London. if you are going to Europe take the Eurostar and other trains rather than flying so at least you see the countries you are passing through.


Get out of London and see the real UK


I doubt that you'll find much of interest in Belgium or Luxembourg. Depending on what you mean by absorbing the culture, you could just go to Paris. It's worth a stay of several weeks. Or you could travel around the UK. It's only a few hours by train to Edinburgh, and a short flight to Ireland. What kinds of things interest you when you travel? You can't beat Paris for art, food and people watching. You can't beat England for charming little towns and history. You can't beat Ireland for scenery.


For 5 days I'd just explore a bit more of the U.K., travel to Edinburgh spend a day of two there and travel down to York or Liverpool, again a day or two, then make your way back to London, Windsor is worth a day stop off and is just a 30 min taxi ride from Heathrow. Travelling to othe European countries sounds good, but with all the journey time, you won't get long enough or end up in just one location, Ie Paris or amsterdam


Paris and Brussels will be best - Lux is crap and nothing there worth seeing.


Yorkshire is the place to visit, without a doubt! If you desire history, the city of York will suit you. Every age has left its mark on York, from the Roman age to the present. If you are more of a landscape and scenery lover, look no further than the Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors, or the Yorkshire Wolds. Whilst you admire the views of Yorkshire's lovely countryside, you can easily be distracted by the pretty villages and handsome towns that are there. For dramatic views, nothing can beat the view of the North Sea from Flamborough Head, or from Scarborough Castle. Your 5 or 6 days will surely be very well spent in Yorkshire, and I do not doubt that you will return home thinking that you would love to see more of the interesting and beautiful county of Yorkshire. Please come and visit us! You won't be disappointed!