Which card do I get for traveling around on London's transport for a weekend?

Hiya! So for Christmas I got a present for 2 for a weekend trip to London at the beginning of January, and I've been trying to research which of the many cards for public transport is the best one for travelling around the city. While we're only there for 2 days in total, its 2 FULL days and we plan to see as much as we can so if any of the cards have major restrictions for travelling all this would be good to know :)


The easiest is to use your contactless debit card. There is a price cap per day which is equivalent to a one day travel card. If you buy a travel card, you buy for zones. If for one trip you want to go out of those zones, then you will have to pay extra. Using a debit card, the fare will automatically be paid. Money will be taken off for the first couple of journeys and then you will notice that when tapping, no more money is taken off. If you want to have a physical card, then buy an Oyster card and load money on to use as PAYG. Oysters cost £5 before you add cash, but you can get the money back if you return the card at the end of your trip.