Why London Dome was closed down 15 years ago?



The Millennium Dome exhibition lasted until December 31, 2000; however, visitor receipts failed to cover expenses, and the dome was closed to the public.

David S

Because relatively few people went there. It has now been turned into a very successful music venue

John P

Indeed it is now the "O2", and in operation, but not as the sort of exhibition centre that it was as the Millennium Dome.


It is open.


It's open. It's just been renamed, so it's now the O2, not the Millenium Dome


It was a white elephant back then. They couldn't fill it, at one point they contemplated selling it to developers. I only live 10 minutes from it. It's an amazing place. I've seen Rod Stewart, Depeche mode, Guns n' roses and status quo, the acoustics are brilliant.


It wasn't closed down. The Millenium Dome was rebranded as the O2 arena.


That's not a question.