Denver things to do?

Going to denver, Co area for the first time in june for a wedding. Were spending 2 days of the vacation in denver for things to do. Looking for things to do, top breweries tours, good food and breakfast joints.

conley39: Wild Animal Sanctuary https

Wild Animal Sanctuary Depending on your dates the Rockies may be in town The People's Fair Art and Music Festival and/or the Chalk Art Fair in Larimer Square are in June There are lots of good restaurants around Larimer Square especially Rioja. You might also want to try the Buckhorn Exchange Red Rocks is worth visiting Snooze is very good for breakfast The Coors Brewery has tours You can check other events and exhibitions for your dates here


it's been a long time since I lived in Denver, but some interesting things to do might include going to a casino (there are some in Blackhawk), visiting the botanic gardens (if it still exists, near downtown), visiting the Coors Brewery in Golden, taking a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, attending a concert at Red Rocks Ampitheater. There are several rustic restaurants that serve unusual food, like bison burgers, elk steaks and the like. One (used to be) on the west edge of town, called something like Little Bear Lodge. The Fawn Brook Inn (Allenspark) serves some great soup in a bowl. You might google "best five star restaurants in Denver". You might also like to visit Central City (near Blackhawk), for their antiques and mining town atmosphere.