How much money should I save up for Disney World?

my friend and I want to go to Disney World in a year or two and we want to save a lot of money for the trip cause we want to go there for at least 5 days and go the all of the parks (magic kingdom, epcot, hollywood studios and animal kingdom). So im wondering how much money should we have for the trip?

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Go to all the websites you can find and do your research. The Disney one provides all the info you could want. It depends on where you're going to stay, where you're travelling from, what sort of food you like and how much, if you'll want to get snacks and ices, if you'll want to buy souvenirs and so on. And whatever sum you come up with - add half as much again. It's expensive!


at least 5k-8k.


You can figure this out ont eh Disney web site. I HIGHLY recommend staying at a Disney resort. Look at value resorts. At some times during the year you can get free dining plan if you stay at certain resorts resort prices vary day to day, month to month Disney web site will show you prices

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For the trip you need money for the following. To get into the parks you want. You can find this information online at Disney. Hotel or a place to stay. If you stay at a Disney hotel, you may be able to save money since they have a great bus system from the parks, between the parks and back/forth between hotels You need to get there. This would be airfare or driving You need to eat. And you should have money for other things. THere are many websites (and books) about planning a trip to disney.


I would figure on at least $500/day -- food, lodging, amusements, etc. -- so between $2500 and $3000 as a minimum.


At least 10000


Putting aside travel since we don't know where you're coming from, you should be budgeting round numbers of: Place to stay: $100/night minimum (offsite at a cheaper place) to/from park: $20/day uber (especially if you split it) park ticket: look up the best 5 day pass for you. there are many options. food: it's expensive in the park. probably $15 a meal for junk junk: you decide what disney stuff you want to buy and put it in your budget.