Is there anything to do in Nashville that isn't related to country music?

My boyfriend is taking off a long weekend in March and wants me to do the same. He wants to take a trip to Nashville. He really loves country music. Not just the new stuff but he's really into classic country. He wants to see the Country Music Hall of Fame, go to the Grand Ole Opry, see a place called Ernest Tub's. I got off the same weekend where I work. I know the American Pickers have an antique shop and it would be cool to go through and he said sure, we could do that. But is there anything else to do in Nashville that's not related to country music. Historical sites, museums?

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If you like to party and listen to live music, there aren't many places better than Nashville. The downtown section has several blocks of honky-tonk bars that start early and go late. There is more to music in Nashville than just country. Lot's of artists of all genres record in Nashville. Bob Dylan recorded a lot of his music there. Elvis recorded most of his music there. When you go into the country music hall of fame they will ask if you want to take the RCA studio B tour, say yes. The bands in the bars downtown will play anything you want to hear. They play for tips, they don't get paid otherwise, so they will play anything you are willing to tip them to hear. Nashville is really all about music, all kinds of music. Go in with an open mind, I suspect you will have a great time.


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