I think do blacks in America say they are African American, but whites don't call themselves European American?



Because "African-Americans" were slaves back in Africa and have no connections there.


"European" doesn't mean much. I know a lot of people who consider themselves "Italian-American" or "Irish American" or "Anglo American."

Jimmy C

Also there are a lot of white people who are born and raised in Africa, so if they move to the US and become american citizens, that would make them African American too. Oprah winfrey once called a black Englishmen an African American, but he pointed out that he was neither African nor American.


Your question is a grammatical and coherent mess, but I am black not African-American nor do I claim to be. I know next to both about Africa. It was the homeland of my ancestors bur Africans brought over here as slaves were not allowed to keep their culture or to pass it on. Therefore, I do not claim that I am African-American; because,as I said, I do not know anything about Africa.