Is it bad if i drive with my earbuds in?

Music calm me down. And sometimes when i drive i like having earbuds in when i drive. I know it is dangerous but i drive a crappy car and i dont care if i crash it anyway. Am i an idiot for driving with my earbuds in?


Yes, that's illegal in most countries. On the plus side, when you lose your licence, you can listen to your earbuds on the bus or train.


It is very stupid and illegal in most places.


With or without earbuds you qualify.


a) It's illegal b) Yes it's bad if you cause an accident or impede an emergency vehicle because you can't hear it coming. c) If you need it to calm your nerves, then you shouldn't be driving. EPIC FAIL.


How calm will you be when you get hit by that Fire Truck you didn't hear that was running the intersection with his siren and horn blaring?


Yes. It makes it harder to hear sirens and other things that you need to hear when driving.

don r

Driving with earbuds in both ears is idiotic and dangerous. Listen to the speakers in the car or don't listen at all.

John Alden

Where I live it is illegal to have both in. Doesn't stop people.


There's a thing called a car radio


In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to drive with earbuds in. Some areas allow one earbud in but both are a definite no-no. The reason being is emergency vehicles cannot be heard when earbuds are in. You might not hear pedestrians or other vehicles around you who are in your blindspots. Driving with any impairments such as vision, hearing, or mental is very dangerous and irresponsible. You wouldn't just be crashing your own car, you'd be crashing someone else's as well if you cause an accident.


It's illegal.




Not a good idea, some/many places it would be illegal. IF the ear buds were linked to a Deaf Aid/external hearing aid or as part of a 'Hands Free' communications device and explicitly listed in state laws as legal for you to use, only then would it be a 'good' idea. Radios, Music can be distracting, not advised to be on when driving. Only a moderate sound road conditions radio is sensible, most fancy music box systems are distracting and can be blamed for deaths at times- Wisconsin death of deputy blamed on hitting driver playing with channel selector instead of concentrating on driving.


Use the radio. You might not care about your car but you could still hurt the people on the road.


You answered your own question. " I know it is dangerous ". You know it's dangerous, but you do it anyway. So yes, you are an idiot.


It's illegal, and you're an idiot. If you drive with ear buds in your ears, in order for music to "calm you down", you're drowning out the sound of the sirens of police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and the whistle of approaching trains.

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