Vietnam help transit (Australia > Saigon > Hanoi)?

I’m from Australia and I’m going to Vietnam to visit my hometown in Hanoi. No direct planes going to Hanoi so I booked a flight to Saigon that goes to Hanoi. I’m not sure if my luggage automatically transfer or i drop it off to a staff and transfer it. I know I have to go to domestic (terminal 1) but I don’t know what to do! Do I go through the registry counter or to go to security to the gates? first time traveling by myself


You are asking a bit of a strange one here. If your question is genuine, then the situation would appear to be that you will arrive in Vietnam in Saigon and will need to clear immigration and customs there, which would include collecting your luggage and then, it would appear, re-checking in to your domestic flight to Hanoi. The odd point is that you say the flight that you have booked is a "flight to Saigon that goes to Hanoi". That confuses me. If this is a genuine question you need to verify luggage and transfer details with your airline.