Why do liberals think that wanting legal immigration is racist?

If anything, liberals are the racist ones, given that they devalue legal immigrants by supporting completely open borders.

Lord Aizen

See, no matter where the migrants come from anyone who chooses the legal path with nothing to hide is welcome to pursue their pathway to citizenship. Any Liberal who thinks it's "racist" to deport illegal immigrants only view them as having one race/ethnicity. Unwise, but again Leftists are sorta naive anyway


Liberalism is a mental illness spread by liberal media.


"Racism" - Redefined by their very usage of it confirms it's used only as a dodge - a deflection -- a scar slur tactic inserted excuse to avoid dealing with facts.


They'll claim they do NOT want open borders. But try doing anything to limit entry or send illegals back and see how they respond.

American Atheist

the logical fallacies in your argument are astounding


Republicans luke Trump hire the illegals.


they don't. They think that legalising some people and banning others when that's based on nationality, ethnicity, skincolour or religion is racist

Love Unites

Also, they fail to realize that when a company decides to hire illegals over people who are here legally, it is going to have a more adverse affect on black people than it does on white people. Most of the jobs they take are blue collar jobs and there is a higher percentage of black people that rely on blue collar jobs than there are white. So this impacts the black community more than it does white people. Also, since there are more business owners that are white than there are black, it is more likely that it is a white business owner that decided to hire illegal immigrants and displace black workers. By allowing this to continue, it's the liberals who are racist.


Thank goodness you're not paid to think for a living.


Why do white nationalists act as if refugee claimants and illegals are the same thing?


Like you know any Liberals to make this claim LOL! Just because Fox News says it, doesn't mean it's true.


they devalue white americans by supporting completely open borders


You are a product of illegal immigration. The irony and hypocrisy coming from those of your ilk is amusing and absurd. The majority of the people you are so afraid of have more of a right to be here than you do. You should be grateful that they haven't forcibly removed you from their content. You should grovel at their feet in thankfulness that they are not violent, hateful aggressors like you. If so, you would not be here TO whine and complain like a spoiled child who has been taught nothing of honor and respect. Ugh.