Why would it be wrong to laugh at this scenario in real life?

Okay, here s is my deal, although it was not a very good movie the sequel to the original A Christmas Story in this case this summer after Ralphie gets the B.B. gun, one day He and brother Randy get to arguing and fighting over it while it get ****** and aimed right at Ralphie s um, um, well some place on his body every guy regrets being hit. Again I ask why is wrong to laugh? Not that I don t know, I actually feel some sympathy for Him, Ralphie, but I still fill like laughing. Why? Folks don't worry too much about dashes in my question, I know it looks like I said a bad word, but that's not necessarily what I am meaning to say, but instead to say to bring a B.B. up and ready to fire from the barrel of the gun, much like that of a regular bullet from a regular gun