Can my girlfriend get pregnant ?

I been with my girlfriend for 3 months me and her have been thinking about having a baby together. She's on birth control she has an IUD also she's 26 I'm 71. Is it possible for her to get pregnant ?


Wait a second, I am still trying to pick myself off the floor on that one. You've trolled too far on this one. No man of 71 is going to want to pick up and start a family with a 26 year old. If this was an actual situation, I would say you need an immediate mental health check and while the drs are in there, have them check for dementia.


The crying troll is active. Ignore the make believe questions. There are many, every day. 😩

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i believed you till the 71 part

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She might not get pregnant easily if she keeps up with her birth control, but if you want to, you can just keep trying.