So, researchers found that questions seeking factual information received few answers and that the knowledge on Y!A is not very deep?

According to: Moore, Nicole Casal (April 21, 2008). "Users of Yahoo Answers seek advice, opinion, expertise". University of Michigan News Service. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Retrieved August 22, 2012. So does this mean we should stop using Yahoo! Answers?


You're free to stop using YA if you choose. The site was designed with the focus of "the exchange of opinions and sharing of common experiences and advice." Further, " it is not based on the ambition to provide objective, verifiable information. Rather, its goal is to encourage participation from a wide variety of contributors. " So yes, you can find serious questions and accurate answers to them, but you can also find a lot of opinion, conjecture, and outright wrong information. It's up to the user who posted the question to verify any answer they're given, if accuracy is important to them. This is a community of mixed members, not a community of solely subject matter experts (although some few here are just that).

Peter Boiter Woods

Without retrieving the article, it may be true. However, when a user asks a truly fact seeking question, one answer is all they need. If I see one I will add a second for confirmation, but never a third. You don't need ten answers telling you 2+2=4.


No. That's an almost 11 year old article. It's incredibly outdated. NO ONE is forcing you to participate on YA. It's becoming obvious someone is paying you to spam YA. You can keep doing that until Verizon, not Yahoo, blocks you from participating on YA. Who is paying you? The Russians or Chinese, Both? Somebody else?

Ackiller J

Yes, that's why I have given up asking any fact finding questions on YA.