How come Yahoo no longer sends you mail when your questions get deleted? didn't they used to let you appeal?


DGH is back !

It looks as if staff no longer sent out mails to warn of violation. There is no internal mail.they are cutting costs probably.


Appealing is a waste of time as they ignore them.


Nobody knows whats going on except for its not working Nobody knows when it will be Fixed Yahoo does not tell us anything The good news is you can still Appeal with there Alternative Appeal Form but thats the only way for now Here is the Link to It Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions from there


Yahoo no longer exists. Verizon no longer sends out Report notice or violation notice emails except sporadically. Even when they do, half the time the appeal hyperlinks do NOT tale you to the appeal page. If they do,f then there is no captcha code or proving you are not a robot times out. Verizon has never sent out suspended account emails. Appealing through the Yahoo Help pages has become very difficult and time consuming. Yahoo went out of business more than 4 years ago. Verizon/Oath has owned Yahoo for more than 16 months.


Sure except the appeal was not effective so you are really better off not knowing or bothering.


In principle, they still do In practice, some of the feeds lack ALL questions posted between 3 weeks ago and yesterday