So, I have a question about answering questions?

Is the most typical response to a question an answer that provides the information indicated as being sought by the questioner?


Many here will post anything, including random letters or special characters, to get their 2 pts (as you well know).


Ideally. But we don't live in an ideal world. Besides - a big part of why people come here is to hear what other people have to say. It's a community of people. A 'club' in some way. Otherwise - why not just Google Search an answer?


I would say at this point that the most typical QUESTION is not one in which actual information is being sought to begin with. Most of the "questions" I see here are not questions at all really, they're statements, rants, or blatant troll attempts.


Often the most typical answer is a nonanswer that is a point gaming violation or an opinion that often does not answer the question.