How do I get to level 2 on yahoo quicker?

I have replied to lots of posts too and posted things myself but still on level 1 .

retired old sarge

hahaha no one here can really give you a good answer because you ask more then you answer and that hurts you.

Barkley Hound

Ask less questions and give more answers. Questions lose 5 points and answers gain 2 points. See the complete chart here. You need 250 points.

Robert J

Make sure you only post serious, helpful answers to serious questions - avoid anything that could result in violations, as they cost points. (And don't assume that things other people do are OK, as in some sections on here virtually all posts are violations and may eventually be deleted..)


You give good answers to questions that others cannot answer. Don't waste your time on chat-violations in P&S.

Pearl L

get a lot of best answers


Stop asking questions. You lose 5 points for EACJ question. Start choosing best answers for your questions. You have to wait at least one hour or until your question has answers to do that. There may still be a community guidelines test. If you answer 6 of the 10 questions correctly, you get 20 points. You can take the test as many times as you want, but once you get the 20 points, you cannot take the test again on that email account.


Have you been Asking Questions ? if so Stop Asking Questions for a While and that will Speed up the Process


By posting lots of good answers and no questions.


Only answer questions and never ask any. You lose points for every question you ask. Learn about Points & Levels:

Rock It!

Like Pearl said, get best answers. And don't get reported.

The Oracle of Omigod

It's just a stupid number. It means nothing.


Agree with the opinions of the askers on the political category. Make sure you make those answers anonymous. Those opinions are usually aggressive.