I'm obsessed with very large virile members, I'm inflamed with lust just thinking about it, a heat rises and descends through my body and?

I'm out of breath with such excitement, I get red and start sweating on spouts... Is this normal? Sometimes I think men will no longer be able to satisfy me with their little members, and I will need horses or large animals to penetrate my gluttonous orifices. Just thinking about being in the place of a mare, under an excited sorrel horse, I go crazy and get wet. Is it a sin to have these desires? No matter how many men penetrate me every day, I am always unsatisfied and I feel a very great interior emptiness...


no ques in sight...avoid adult content


To say nothing of the great interior emptiness in your head, troll.


How many other imaginary objects do you obsess over.


Get help. You're mentally ill.