Three Atheists Explain Why the Bible Should Be Taught in Schools incl HITCHENS AND DAWKINS !!! why am I the only one who knows this?


The bible should be taught in school. Learning biblical mythology is the best way to become atheist.


Of course the Bible should be taught in schools. Also the Qu'ran, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, and many other religious books.

Vincent G

Bragg, Hitchens and Dawkins are British, and in UK, 49% of the population declares not being affiliated in the 2015 survey (see ). This means that the bible would be treated as a work of literature, a work of *fiction*, like a Shakespeare play. In the US, the unaffiliated are only 18% ( ) and a large proportion of not very bright people still think the universe is 6000 year old. Unlike most people in the UK, there is a large segment of the US population which would want to REPLACE science with bible nonsense.


cuz nobody cares what they do...RELIG SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN SUNDAY SCHOOL unless it is comparative religion.


Why do you imagine you're the only one who knows this? ----------------------- Incidentally, please note - those three atheists are British. They don't have a First Amendment with an Establishment Clause. And while what they are advocating, "The Bible as Literature," has been found to not *necessarily* violate the Establishment Clause, in practice it does so almost everywhere it's engaged in the U.S. in public schools. Virtually none of the people who push to include the Bible in public school curricula have even the remotest interest in treating it as nothing more than influential literature. They're interested in teaching the religious doctrines their own beliefs base on what it says. And THAT is the problem HERE.


I'm sorry, did you have a knowledge seeking question related to Religion or Spirituality? "why am I the only one who knows this?" doesn't qualify.

Chris Ancor

As something to be avoided, like drugs.


Three??? So what?? Religion has no place in Public Schools.


Do you think that all atheists should have the same opinion on every subject?


School is for education not indoctrination! It was not too long back when schools taught comparative religions giving a fair appraisal of many religions and at that time prayer was also used. Then the Christians demanded that only Christianity be taught and as everyone knows that is against the constitution so religion and prayer were removed! Think carefully what you wish for! Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.” ― Isaac Asimov It ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand. Mark Twain


I have no problem with kids learning mythology like the Bible, as long as it's not being as being truth.




i think, a person has to follow their own interests. this is where the rewards in living are. you can not really force people to like things, you can force them to do things, or brainwash them; but really, when some person takes the time to think: "do i really believe that?", brainwashing goes out-the-window.


The bible or Theology (all of them).


As mythology.They don't actually believe in any of the nonsense in the bible,just like schools teach about Greek mythology.


Lol. You are not the only one. Calm down.


What three atheists say, and what those to guys say, is of no interest to me at all. It's fine to teach classes about all religions and what they believe - but not to teach them that any of it is a fact.