Leftists: As long as you are going to Lie, why not tell your sheep that TRUMP is the American President who told the Russian Prez?

to "Tell Vlad that I can be more Flexible after I am re-elected"??? Most people remember that SOME American Prez said that. It should be Easy for your media to sell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsFR8DbSRQE

Violation Nation!!

Magabots think Diplomacy is treason and treason is diplomacy. Fox News Help Them Think Good.


We know this because Obama said it on a live mike and the deal was that after he was re elected he would not be a lame duck and could talk more about some diplomatic issues. Trump met with Putin several times without anyone knowing what he said to Putin as he didn't let anyone hear him and confiscated the translators notes. Which of these things is a cause for more concern?


Because It's mostly Trump and his devoted disciples that are liars, it should be pointed out that this is not true. Obama said that. Big deal. His devoted disciples are liars because they have to echo his lies.


Inaccurate quote negates question. Troll fail.

Indigo Shojo



There does seem to be a dual standard in operation.


Putin told him to say that.


Is this Russian collusion? WTF are delusional libs and their super pac media spewing about with Trump when they all outright ignored this >>> https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=obama+open+mic+with+russian+president&hspart=att&hsimp=yhs-att_001#id=1&vid=2d39bbc883bcb52b5491bec01e1f06d5&action=view