So, I have a question about misuse of Yahoo! Answers?

Is it handled by a user moderation system, where users report posts that are in breach of guidelines or the Terms of Service?


Yes, but you already know that users report violations here (that's clear from the way you worded it, even if you hadn't admitted to just posting to be posting). Odd form of trolling to ask questions you already know the answers to or about a service you already have an opinion of. Costs too much to have live oversight of a sight like this, so making it community moderated makes sense when there's also a staff in place to handle more serious issues (alas, there is none like that here anymore).


A lot of people are reported maliciously because a certain user doesn't like them, or has them blocked. It's time this reporting nonsense was abolished.


Correct Yahoo has Trusted Reporters that Report things and when Yahoo's Computer System Detects that it has been Reported by a Trusted Reporter it gets Deleted Off of the Site Yahoo does not look at it Unless someone Sends in a Appeal for there Deleted Question or Answer


users are supposed to report violations. If those lead to deletion the author can appeal. Appeals are handled by verizon-personnel


That is not Misuse of YA. Community moderation is how YA is moderated, NOT managed. Yahoo did not and Verizon dies not pay employees to monitor or moderate YA or any Yahoo product or service. YA is not and never has been a chat forum or gossip column, but many users do misuse YA that way, intentionally and sometimes maliciously to misinform and mislead. Many people misuse YA as a platform to preach their own personal agendas. provoke and inflame, or exploit or solicit the entire YA community. YA is managed by server computers and computer programs, NOT the users.