Why is racist content allowed on Yahoo Answers?

I am sick and tired of all the ignorance and racism that permeate this forum. It is downright ridiculous. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20190204024026AACDRAL Why does someone keep moving this question to the Politics section?


Verizon employees do NOT monitor or moderate YA is why. Verizon does NOT PAY employees to do that. YOU are an unpaid moderator. YA is run by computer programs and server computers.


Some people use the racist word way too often when they are just looking at FREE SPEECH. Don't be a grass. nobody likes a grass. Just move on.


Racist Content is not Allowed Report it click on the Flag Button Yahoo Staff does not Moderate the Boards tho it is Community Moderated so its up to Us to Report things

Pearl L

it shouldnt be,nnaybe you should report it when you see it

No Impeachment

Lack of oversight. Verizon/Oath does not have anyone enforcing the rules.


It isn't allowed. No one's enforcing it though.


Just keep reporting.

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Yahooo Answers is self-moderated. It's left to "trusted members" (Level 7 users) to report violations such as racist content. But, unfortunately, you can't rely on or trust them to do the right thing.


If the gentleman who posted it is it still racist?


Yahoo moderation is very weak. Resulting in many bigots and sexual perverts of all types posting.


Some blacks believe white people will always be racist, and therefore should be treated like their ancestors as if slavery was still around. Black people are violent from their nature. Nothing can stop them from there stupidity constantly expecting gratitude and acknowledgment. If the past really effects them, seek counseling... Some black people want to move forward, Im not gonna take it!! i have more care about what's going on now in North Korea, Africa where people are starving, south America/central America where there are gangs, middle east where iss exists. People have the right of freedom of speech.. So unless its not a violation on yahoo, I can say what I want.. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20190204023155AAXnxEv look at that question^^^^