99-04 Mustang GT vs 02-06 Altima V6?

Thinking about trading my 05 Altima V6 for a New Edge Mustang, I can’t find anything online about which is faster, most say they’re even, etc. Which one is quicker/faster at the end of the day? (Both Stock)


V6 Altimas are surprisingly quick. IIRC the circa 2005 models could go 0-60 in the low 6 second range, and a mid-high 14 second quarter mile time. A new edge GT with the automatic has similar performance with the manual model being a bit quicker with a mid-high 5 second run to 60 and a low-mid 14 second 1/4 mile time.


It will all depend on the condition of the specific vehicle in question. Since both are over 10 years old I can guarantee that neither will perform as well as the published specs, which are based on performance when they were brand new. Even when new, there wan't an appreciable difference.


you really have to ask ?? an Altima ?? really ???

Terrence B

You stated 99-04 Mustang in title, then New Mustang. Ones a V8 and ones a V6. Which do you really want to know info on?


Depends on which engine you get in the Mustang. Assuming both have the V6 then the Altima is quicker. Mustang V6 1/4 mile ET 15.1 sec at 90 mph Altima V6 1/4 mile ET 14.5 sec at 97 mph