What kind of car should I buy? A Matsubushi 287, a Toykoba Gambry, or a Hondi Civet?

Or maybe I should go all out and go for pure luxury and get a McCaffrey Tiger Series. The Leopard model is WAY too expensive, but I could possibly afford a Tiger 350 IF I lease. Also maybe if I give up buying Sohney electronics and just go for generic.

Donnie Porko

Go for the civet. It’ll pay itself over time. Just make sure that you have coffee beans lying around and the civet is eating them. After they poop, collect the beans and turn it into coffee. Starbucks charges like $5 for a cup of coffee. You can charge $20 for a civet produced coffee.

Been There, Done That.

I have good luck with my Hondakawayamazuki.


You need to buy the new Nikksan Selfie. It is a nice car. The Suzikee Swepts is nice too.


matsubushi's are oil burners and bodies rust out.