Are you a generous man?

Do you enjoy giving your woman gifts, money and taking care of her needs? Where do you spend your time?


I'm a sucker. I give all the time. Not "gifts" as much as making sure she's got her coffee exactly right, plus a stash of candy if she gets a sweet tooth. Fill her gas tank when she's not looking, little surprises like that.


Would giving to charities count ?


I would give Anaïs €46 flowers every Friday plus when we would go to dinner . rub her feet plus carry her up the stairs to her flat . ❤️ Only Maia will ever have her place in my life

Mr. Interesting

I am a MARRIED man. Generous to a fault. She can have all the money if she wants it. She can have anything she wants. The same goes for me. We are not materialistic people though, so we never fight over money or petty things like purchases. It's been a good system for 36 years and counting. I spend my time at home, mostly hanging with the grandkids, actually.


I've never heard any complaints.

Dr sean mulligan

No im not


Yes indeed. I donate to charities. Salvation Army and food banks. I'm empathetic to lose less fortunate.


no Im a woman...