Gf is sick and she said i disappeared?

Three days ago i was over my girlfriends house and while i was there she was blowing her nose a lot and i could tell a cold was coming. We kissed she fixed us breakfast and she turned on a movie for us to watch. She fell asleep on the movie and when she woke up we cuddled some more. She seemed okay other than blowing her nose and a slight cough here and there. We were talking about her getting sick and she said i have to put some layers on because she gets really sick easily. And i said I’ll cuddle with you that’s when she said nah I’ll put clothes on because “are you going to take care of me when i get sick?” And i laughed ... a few hours later i left and went home I texted her yesterday... i wanted to bring her some soup and crackers but she didn’t respond Today she texted back and said you left while and disappeared on me ? And i said i didn’t disappear and she said i was sick

Good Man

Soon , she will be all right to u when all fit and invite u for dinner and sex . She required ur intention in her illness which u failed to give her , so she is a bit angry and annoyed with u


just go there and bring her something nice and don't make a issue or fuss