My friend depends on my car to get around?

My friend doesn’t have a car. She has to catch rides to work. She also has to catch rides getting home. Since March 2018 i have been taking her to work at least once a week. Sometimes more. I also work a full time job and sometimes i have to get up at 4:45 to take her to work and go back home and then get back up at 6 am to take myself to work. Sometimes I’ll be so tired that i just give her my car to take herself to work and run her errands and then she’ll just bring my car back when she’s finished with work and other things etc. but sometime ami don’t feel like taking her to work or I’m tired or i want to do other things and i feel bad but it’s been almost a year what should i do?


Talking's the only way, and in that conversation, be honest. It's very common for the person who has the car to become the convenient lift, as though, somehow, the person without the vehicle has some kind of entitlement to lifts on demand. Think of the kindest way in which you can say it, because if you do that and offence is taken, you'll have done the best you can. If it all goes badly you just have to accept that your friend has been partially using you as a convenience. The conversation should go something like: "I need to talk to you about the situation with lifts to work. Just lately I've been getting really overtired from having to get up so early and go out of my way to pick you up, and I hate this, but I'm going to have to stop doing it. I hope that you'll understand". That's all. Nothing long winded or untrue. You can't predict the reaction, unfortunately, but stay firm because the object is to get off this merry-go-round you're on, that you really can't continue with.