Is system of a down good?



My 8th grade students used to listen to this band maybe 10-15 years ago. Although not my professional music area of interest, I have not heard of them since. If they were active, or had releases, I would have noticed.


just some heavy punk noise good for party that is all. in my opinion they not considered as real heavy metal music.


They're very loud and angry sounding so I guess it all depends on how much you enjoy hard rock. The instrumentals of the songs are always great but the lead singer has a very unique voice that may or may not come off as loud and annoying. He can sing well when he wants to but most of the time, he's screaming from the top of his lungs. It's a worth a listen though. I like them but I don't love them. Try the song "B.Y.O.B" to hear how hardcore it gets and "Spiders" to hear how softcore it can get. "Innervision" is also a good one. They have a pretty good amount of cool songs.


I’m not a fan so wouldn’t know


Learn to communicate, then I might try to answer your enigmatic question. Unless you have a cunning plan.