What is your opinion on each of these bands?

Green Day Limp Bizkit Matchbox 20 Linin Park Nickelback



We Are the Youth of Adolf Hitler

They're for posers. Not real rockers. Nickleback is for junkies, also, since they promoted drug use.


Green Day - Okay, but not necessary. Limp Bizkit - Incredibly lame and pathetic. Matchbox 20 - Elevator music. Linkin Park - Incredibly lame and pathetic. Nickleback - Plastic pop music.


They are completely irrelevant


All are horrible, I would take green day, but even still...


Of those 5 choices the only one I like is Green Day.


I have no opinion on any of them. I can't name one song from any of them. I'm sure I've heard something one or more has put out, but I couldn't identify it.


Green Day - Excellent band and the greatest Punk Rock band ever. Limp Bizkit - Never been a big fan, but I definitely don't think they were the worst thing to ever happen to music like a lot of people did and still do. Matchbox 20 - They have made some great songs and more of a singles band than an album band and they have never been the type of band to win over snobby music purists. Linkin Park - Meteora was an excelllent album and Chester Bennington was the last real rock star in my opinion. Nickelback - I have the same thoughts on them as I do on Matchbox 20.