Governments been Shutdown for a month now & aint about ta open anytime you still Mock people who Stockpile Weapons & Food Rations?



yes the shutdown has nothong to do with food supplies and invasion

The Oracle of Omigod

Since I am one, I don't. But I don't see how another couple of months of government shutdown would affect our day-to-day business. Welfare and Social Security will get their checks.

Dances with Weed

Actually not a bad question


Stockpile weapons - yes. Stockpile food - no. Everyone should have a week or two of emergency supplies, including food, for emergencies, natural disasters, etc. You don't need 30 guns and a bunker full of ammo. You can't carry 30 guns at a time and thousands of rounds of's not a video game. One or two firearms is plenty.

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