Is a $375000 deed condo expensive? Is it more expensive than a house or cheaper?



It depends entirely on location. In NYC, it's so cheap as to be a scam. In rural Alabama, it's quite expensive. My first house was in KY and cost $56,000.00. We moved to PA and are looking at houses in the $400,000.00 range, because that's what the market is like here.


That depends on location




If it was me, I would use that money to buy a house, and not a condo. It is on the expensive side.

Mr. Interesting

You can pay as much, more, or less for either one. Depends upon the property and location.


That depends entirely on location and comparable properties for sale nearby. I would have no problem paying that much where I live but if its in Akron Ohio or Altoona PA I would laugh and walk away.