How do I find value of old coins, and old newspaper Flyers?


Weasel McWeasel

There are any number of Numismatic guidebooks and magazines you can buy, to get an idea of what coins are Worth. a faster, easier way, might be to just go to Ebay, and see what similar coins have SOLD for........ not what they are LISTED at........but look at completed auctions to see what they actually SOLD give you an idea of what people are willing to PAY............despite what some book says they are Worth. Just because some book says some Morgan dollar is Worth $60........doesn't mean a lot of people are gonna line up to give you $60 for a dollar coin. and often the higher prices are for coins in MINT condition.....if the coin is badly's Worth little more than face value, unless extremely, extremely rare. newspapers and flyers , again, are virtually worthless............unless you find a collector who's particularly interested in those things. Again, E-Bay would be your best guide to going prices.


coins can be found on Google usually but for the most accurate info a coin shop or place that specializes in coins will be more true to value etc and you can probably start on Google with the flyers to, type in some of the main info and look at images first, I have usually had luck this way with just about anything and everything I've looked up