Im considering moving to another state im in need of a fresh new start any website suggestions to help me with my search?



There are several online lists of the cost of living in each state. This is an important index that measures the average cost of rent, food, utilities, etc. vs. the average or mean salary. Unless you have high wages, you will find it difficult living in a place with a high cost of living. There are other considerations, such as livability, access to public schools and higher education, medical services, parks and recreation, sports, natural beauties like state forests or seacoast or mountains, etc. Oklahoma has a low cost of living, as does Alabama, but you have to put up with freaking fundies and extremely conservative neighbors and politics. Denver is very liberal, but you have to put up with a high cost of living. The job market in the health care industry is hopping in Boston, but barely percolating in Maine. Research will pay off.


join the military. there you get to travel, paid training towards a relevant skill, it's only four years long, and you can use the GI Bill should you wish to go to college. they have hundreds of jobs that aren't all combat or infantry related. look around, you may be surprised what they can offer. see a recruiter if you qualify.