Can I marry a man who wants 18 kids like Michael Jackson?

He likes being around kids and so do I. I want teaparties with children and playing on swings in the park and playing dress up and stuff I'm a woman version of M.J?


Why would any man want all 18 of his kids to be like Michael Jackson?


Michael never got to have a childhood. His father was very abusive and so were his brothers. If you watch his interviews he always treated people with kindness and had a lot of endearing qualities. He was a good person on the inside but did not live in reality of being a grown man. I never believed that he molested those kids, he refused to help the dad get caught up on his back child support and they extorted him. Not to say that he did not set himself up for that because he was spending a lot of time with kids unsupervised and had a lot of money.

Philip H

So you want to marry a black man that worked hard to turn himself in to a wealthy white woman? Interesting choice.